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Bank Transfers

As a non profit organization with our 501c3 status in the final stages, we will be able to issue tax receipts for donations done now. Our banking is located in the United States
to ensure we comply with all government regulations. If no receipt is required

you can deposit directly to our bank account in Mexico

To donate using a wire or bank transfer, the information required by your bank or your banking 

Recipient/Beneficiary Details
please email us at

Bank Account in Mexico 

To transfer directly from a Mexican Account:

Bank: Bancomer (BBVA)

Account number: 0457000804  (Cornelis Wust)

Clabe Number (for transfers from outside the country) : 012324004570008040

Bank Address: Miguel Arana #171

City: Jocotepec

State: Jalisco

Postal Code: 45800

Country: Mexico

Interac E-Transfers -Canada
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