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TOM Vaccinates & Treats Dogs for Fleas & Parasites in Joco!

Just received these photos from Susan Watkins from the free rabies shots in Joco last Sunday. Many thanks to Susan Watkins and Marilyn Hazen for making this event happen! Susan went out with Marilyn Hazen at 7:00 in the morning with a car full of balloons and the flyers. They selected some great locations for the flyers… at the entrance on both sides to Bodega Aurera (thank you to the Bodega for letting them put up the flyers!), Oxxo entrances, Pharmacy Guadalajara entrance, the market entrance, LOTS all over the plaza, the church entrance and gates, the malecon including under the big TV where everyone watches the Sunday game but the best of all…. Outside the tequila and milk spot on the main road. Susan and Marilyn told them to bring their cats and dogs but leave the cows there!

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